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2007/08 Award Recipients  

Foundation President Lorraine Dietrich will present awards totalling $57,500 to six organizations at the annual Foundation awards meeting to be held March 4, 2008, 7:00 a.m. at Beeb's Restaurant. Congratulations to all of our recipients!

Operation School Bell  - $10,000.00
This is a three part effort; they clothe needy children,provide books for them and tutor them.  This is designedto strengthen children's learning experiences.

Unite 4 Life $15,000.00 (2 year grant $7,500 per year)
This project is for a youth depression awareness and over 2 yearssuicide prevention program.  Unite 4 Life plans to educate students, school staff and parents on the issues of depression and offering the communityresources to intervene when a young person is at risk .

Livermore Weekend Boxed Lunch Program - $10,000.00
The grant will be used to provide the expansion of our Weekend Boxed Lunch Program for 220 children atJackson Elementary School.  Studies have shown thatchildren who lack the availability of nutritious food sufferfrom a host of ailments due to malnutrition, which isultimately more costly to our community than offering afree prepared, nutritious meal.

Tri Valley Youth Court - $15,000 (2 year grant $7,500 per year)
This request is for start up costs associated with the new funded over two yearsprogram, Tri Valley Youth Court.  They were asked todevelop a local youth court as an adjunct to the traditionaljustice system.  This will address early stages of juveniledelinquency by providing restorative measures for firsttime offenders.  The offenses are limited to misdemeanorsand will not include violent crimes. It is a voluntary process and is not about guilt or innocence.  Offenders must admit  their guilt and responsibility before they are admitted to theprogram.  They will begin hearing cases January 2008.

The following organizations received their second year of funding:

Livermore Valley Joint Unified : Dictionaries for Young Scholars: $2,500
To provide, annually, dictionaries designed for ages  8-12 to about 1,100 Livermore public schools 3rd grade students, many of whom do not have English as their first language, and their approximately 60  teachers, for each of the next three years.

City of Livermore: Community Children’s Health Access Program: $5,000
This project will allow students who are underinsured or uninsured to receive check-ups with local doctors, optometrists and dentists, as well as important follow-up visits.